2021 Kicker Design Competition

(12/2/2021) ECEN 5363 (Mixed-Signal IC Design) and ECEN 3714 (network analysis) held a joint graduate/undergraduate design competition and open house in Endeavor 360. The competition was sponsored and judged by Kicker, a high-performance audio company headquartered in Stillwater, OK.

  • ECEN 5363 presented their mixed-signal IC design projects to compete for the Kicker “Best Design” Award. Winner: Fahim Hossain, Sam Fellwock.

  • Undergraduates from ECEN 3714 compete alongside graduate students for the “People’s Choice” Award. Winner: Christian Moser.

Winners were presented with a trophy, plaque, as well as $2000 worth of high-performance audio product prizes donated by Kicker.

"Best Design": Fahim & Sam

A Dynamic Bias Comparator Schematic and Layout Design

"People's Choice": Christian Moser

Side-Channel Attacks with ChipWhisperer