Research: analog/mixed-signal integrated circuit (IC) design for:

Education: debug education, K-14 teacher development, semiconductor workforce development in response to the Chips and Science Act (2022).


Batteryless Energy Harvesting (RAISE)

Team 1: Field Test: Extracting energy using TEG. BLE Radio. Sensors

Team Member (alphabetical order): Anfal Hussain, Aaron J. Sosa, Ryan Vaughan.

A thermoelectric generator (TEG) can harvest energy from the temperature differences between the soil surface and shallow ground. When tested in April in Oklahoma, the TEG generates 10~40 mV of stable DC voltage. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocol can be used to send data. The relationship between the duty cycle and system power consumption was explored. Moisture & humidity sensors were also implemented.

Sponsor: Renewable and Innovative Sustainable Energy (RAISE): Martin Family Foundation (MFF) Fund.

Batteryless Energy Harvesting (RAISE)

Team 2: DC-DC Boost Converter Design & Test. MCU. Electronics Test

Team Member (alphabetical order): Agustin Garcia, Chester Stubbs, Jame Ming Tan

A flyback ("Boost") converter was designed and tested using a commercial off-the-shelf IC (MCRY12) and 1:50 transformer. It can boost up to 1V of DC voltage when the TEG input voltage is around 20 mV. The Boost converter PCB measures about 0.5 square inches (or 2 cm²), compact enough to be integrated with the TEG and the copper rod.

Sponsor: Renewable and Innovative Sustainable Energy (RAISE): Martin Family Foundation (MFF) Fund.

2021 Kicker Design Competition

ECEN 5363 (Mixed-Signal IC Design) and ECEN 3714 (Network Analysis) held a joint student design contest in Fall 2021. The winners are:

The contest was sponsored and judged by Kicker, a high-performance audio company headquartered in Stillwater, OK.

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